About Us

About us

Our range of drip tips are all hand turned by Garry Dibley using traditional tools and a wood lathe. 
Each tips is hand crafted and finished. Due to the material and method used no two tips are the same. 
The tips are polished using only water and micro mesh to a mirror shine. 
We use a medical grade SS for the solid inserts. 

All tips are produced in small quantities and added to the site once a week. 

We take pride in our hand turned tips. 

How to Buy a tip

Well things have changed as the site now has a separate button at the top of the page to take you to the web store. 
For tablet and mobile devices you will find access to the store in the drop down tab. 
Once you have found your way to the store it is quite a simple process. 

Limited custom tips will be made available each week from a choice of selected blanks. Along with our usual weekly line up. 

Social Media

We currently run two face book pages along side the web site. One is for information on new stock and general updates. We also have a chat page where members can talk tips and everything vaping related. 
Links to both will be provided shortly.. 

We also have the facility to blog through this web site. 
So expect  a few in the coming weeks. 

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